Siraha Police have arrested two persons with various drugs along with sa 7 pa 5712 and sa 10 pa 5522 motorcycle. Rakesh Kumar Sah, 22, of Golbazar Municipality-2 and Anil Sharma, 27, of Mirchaiya Municipality-8 were arrested with drugs. Police said that they were arrested from Golbazar Municipality of Siraha […]

Less than a week after a tiger died in a car crash in Bara, a deer has died in a motorcycle crash in Sarlahi. The deer died on the spot when it was hit by a motorcycle (Province 1-02-042 P.4009) heading from north to south on the New Road-Barhathwa road […]

Four people have died in Siraha in a week due to extreme cold. The deceased have been identified as Rabindra Yadav, 25, of Jhijhaul in Bariyarpatti Gaonpalika-5, Arun Kumar Yadav, 25, of Gadhawa in Mirchaiya Municipality-11, Biltu Mahato, 70, of Karjanha Municipality-3, Bandipur and an unidentified person. Chief District Officer […]

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