Siraha Police have arrested two persons with various drugs along with sa 7 pa 5712 and sa 10 pa 5522 motorcycle. Rakesh Kumar Sah, 22, of Golbazar Municipality-2 and Anil Sharma, 27, of Mirchaiya Municipality-8 were arrested with drugs. Police said that they were arrested from Golbazar Municipality of Siraha along the East-West Highway.

According to Siraha Police Spokesperson Shaligram Sharma, a civil dress police team from the State Police Office Janakpurdham and a joint police team from the Area Police Office Gol Bazaar Siraha arrested them while they were transporting drugs from Golbazar to Lahan.

Sharma said that 34 bottles of Dilex DC, 45 ampoules of Dizopam Injection, 45 units of Nufin Injection, 48 units of Pasmoproxyron and 1497 units of Nitravet tablets were recovered from them.

The arrested have been kept at the Area Police Office, Golbazar, Siraha for further investigation, police said.